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Have you ever wonder if your potential client will be able to pay your credit as plan?

Confuse on determine the right amount of credit for your client?

Know your client ability to pay the credit with Risk Scoring and do business like never before!

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What is Risk Scoring?


Risk Scoring is a service product that provides information of Telkom customer risk profile based on their payment pattern of Telkom products/services. Built using Telkom big data platform, Risk Scoring able to analyze level of risk of customer based on their current data such as customer identity, payment behavior, monthly bill rate, customer use of product / service etc.





  1. Sources of information of customer risk profile for prospective bank / multi-finance business.
  2. Quick access to informations.
  3. Relatively cheaper cost analysis compare to direct surveys.



"API Risk Scoring Telkom help us to enrich our data sources and make our reports more sharp and complete as well as expand our clients."

Muhammad Rifqi - Product Manager, PT. Pefindo Biro Kredit




This is some information provided by risk scoring system:


ID Verification

Risk Scoring able to verify the identity of the customer through name, home address, email address, and phone number (home / mobile phone)

Payment Behavior

Risk Scoring shows the ratio of customer payment ability to not be in arrears for the last 6 months

Telco Risk

Risk Scoring provides analysis / potential customers in arrears of payments in the next month

Payment Type

Risk Scoring able to shows the frequently used payment method preffered by customer; cash or cashless (credit card, debit card, etc)

ARPU (Average Rate per User)

Risk Scoring shows the ratio of ARPU (customer rate based on bill payment) to a population

Internet Usage

Risk Scoring presents the ratio of customer's internet usage to a specific population

Length of Stay

Risk Scoring provides information of length of stay ratio of Telkom service product subscription to population

Browsing Category

Risk Scoring presents the Top 5 category websites most frequently accessed by customers


Use Case


The information of customer risk profile from Risk Scoring may serve as complementary data or may also be the primary data in credit lending analysis to prospective customers.

For prospective customers already registered in BI Checking, or a previous bank customer, Risk Scoring serves as additional data for banks and multifinance in making decisions. Conversely, if a prospective customer has never conducted a banking transaction or is not listed in BI Checking, then Risk Scoring serves as a primary data source for banks and multifinance in lending to prospective customers.




Risk scoring API provides information on Telkom user.s rating from their payment behavior to their top 5 internet browsing category to determine their risk value for business decision.

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Pefindo Biro Kredit

Pefindo Biro Credit uses Risk Scoring to describe the payment behaviour of the debtor. The result of the data is used to enrich the data as a basis for business decision making. With Risk Scoring, Pefindo is able to sharpen client analysis and expand client reach faster