Terms of Use


This license agreement for all services located in xsight containing terms and conditions for the xsight (Service) product, which is between xsight and a second party, agree to the terms of this (Customer) license agreement. By clicking "Accept" or a similar button, after completing the registration process, if the customer accepts this policy, he/she must accept and bound by all terms of this license agreement (Agreement). Customer can not use the service without agreeing to this agreement first. If the customer carries on this agreement and makes this agreement on behalf of the company, legal entity, government, etc. should declare and warrant that it has the authority to participate in this agreement.

Service Provider
I. General

By Accepting the terms and conditions of this agreement, xsight provides the customer freedom to use and evaluate services for internal and external business purposes. Customer must agree to all agreements, rules and regulations applicable to the use of the Services, including this agreement, its usage policies and other restrictions contained therein. Please note that if the government or public body also applies to become a customer, it must accept or agree with a predetermined license policy.

Security: xsight in its sole discretion applies reasonable and appropriate steps to protect customer content, customer information and related data on services.

Customer accounts:To access the service, the customer must create an account and be responsible for providing the correct information or data in creating an account, and any customer who register either the agency, developer, public body, start-up or government will be given are Username and Password on all account usage. If the customer is aware of any alleged misuse of the account, the customer will be able to notify xsight immediately.

II. Restrictions

Resell, sublicense,lease, or provide services to third parties;

Violate license agreement and obligations in the use of services;

Trying to gain unauthorized access, interrupting the performance integrity in the service or data in it;

Modify, copy or create works (plagiarism) based on the service;

Spreading viruses, worms, and others intended to damage any system or data;

Use of services, or allow to use the service for the purpose of product evaluation, benchmarking or analysis and others intended for public without prior written consent;

Menyebarkan virus, worms, dan lainnya yang dimaksudkan untuk merusak sistem atau data apapun;

III. Change

Agreement: Xsight may make changes to this Agreement or Policy, including fees from time to time. Thirty (30) days after making the change, this agreement will be effective again after being posted online by xsight. Changes to this agreement or policy must be accepted and approved by each customer. If Customer disagrees with changes to these agreements and policies, Customer must cease using the xsight service.

Services: Xight may modify or discontinue, any of the Services features in its entirety website from time to time in its sole discretion and without notice to the customer

IV. Support

Xsight has its sole discretion, in updating, modifying or fixing bugs for the Service to the customer. Any such updates, modifications, or bug fixes will be considered part of a change to the xsight services.

V. Fees, Terms of Payment, and Taxes

Cost:This service is provided by following the policy in the agreement without charge. However, the customer must be responsible for everything to be paid and all taxes related to the use of the service. If the customer accepts and approves the initial statement containing;


In addition, if you agree to pay a fixed fee and will apply on your order, each service is a subject to our Terms of Agreement or this license policy.

Payment Terms: Accepting and agreeing on a predetermined policy, paying the fees that charged by xsight, by sending it to specified bank or assigned by us. After payment is complete and we have received the payment, you can use our service, given the ip key and password with the different form and specified characters in each xsight service.

Tax: You are responsible for pay all applicable taxes. This includes additional or other similar fees, which apply to our services.

VI. Property Rights

Xsight Ownership: Customer accepts and agrees that xsight owns all right, title and interest (including restrictions on all patents, copyrights, service privacy or other proprietary rights) in the Service, and modifications, corrections or adds to any matter. Customer must be aware that, other services and information are strictly confidential, and we must take all precautions to prevent any misuse of such information, unless permitted by us and expressly in this Agreement.

Xsight owns all property rights, on feedback or advice given by the Customer and xsight, we deem it a Secret Information.

Ownership of customer: Each Customer Content is owned by the customer.

VII. Confidentiality

Explanation: In this agreement, Confidential Information means that all ("Confidential Information") owned by us (xsight) is granted to any other party ("Recipients"), designated as confidential or otherwise conceivable as confidential information, including services, documentation, business and technological marketing plans and technical information, product descriptions and so forth.

Liability : The receiving Party shall not disclose the Confidential Information to any other party, for example by notifying it for any purpose outside the scope of this Agreement, except with prior written consent or agreement. The receiving Party shall protect the confidentiality of the Confidential Information in the same way that it protects its own confidentiality (but in a reasonable way). The receiving Party shall promptly notify us of any breach, or reasonably suspected in the event of a confidentiality leak.

Privacy : This xsight privacy policy and explanation can be found at . We will provide policies and explanations in the provision of privacy services to the customer.

VIII. Replacement or Indemnification

With xsight party. Xsight will protect and define the action submitted to the customer to the extent that it is based on our claims service, as provided by xsight to the customer under this agreement and used within the scope of this Agreement, infringe copyright or misuse of the secret, and will pay any damage and attorney's fees, usually due to claims as set out to the customer or paid by the customer, provided that customer;

Instantly notifies us (xsight) in writing for such claim issues;

Provide us (xsight) sole authority and settlement of claim;

Provide us (xsight) fees, all necessary assistance, information and authority necessary to authorize and defend in the settlement of such claims.

Exceptions : Xsight has no full responsibility for any breach or misuse of any claim to the extent that it results from;

Modification of services made by others other than xsight;

Use of services with data (information) not provided or approved by xsight;

Consumer failure to use, update or modify services provided by xsight;

IX. Terms and Terminations

This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date, unless canceled earlier according to the terms. Either party may terminate this agreement, so you have to notify our party (xsight) for the convenience.

Other agreements: If the customer wishes to select an agreement or service policy and any additional agreement rights, customer must accept and agree that such agreements or policies will not be infringed, and we will set additional terms to the customer.

X. No Warranty

Service is provided "as what it should be", xsight makes no claims and warranties. Without limiting the foregoing, xsight does not guarantee that the services provided will meet the needs of the customer, and / or will function correctly.