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What is Merchant Analytics?


Merchant Analytics is a big data analytic method to know your prospective merchants to unlock business potentials. With this analytic, user will be able to analyse the feasibility of prospective merchant with certain parameters and also to study the performance of the current agents and merchants so that the company can do business in effective and efficient manner.





  1. Provide feasibility score against prospective agents / merchants based on various sources of data.
  2. Provide business strategy recommendations based on agency merchants data to develop prospective agents in an effort to minimize non-performed agents.
  3. Serve as early detection for fraud done by agents / banking merchants.





This is some information that can be provided Merchant Analytics :

Develop a scoring system for the activities of current agents / merchants

Develops a monitoring system for the activities of current agents / merchants

Shows the potential for unusual activity of agents (fraud)

Mapping the activity of agent transactions into normal and abnormal activities


Use Case


Dengan Merchant Analytics, perusahaan dapat memiliki wawasan tentang informasi aktivitas pedagang mereka saat ini dan untuk mengidentifikasi calon calon pedagang sehingga perusahaan dapat mengembangkan strategi yang tepat untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pelanggan secara efektif.




Our Banking Customer

To improve the performance of bank product program, bank use Merchant Analytics to build systems where they can rapidly assess the prospective agents and merchants so that they able to guarantee the productivity of their agents. In addition, the system is used to analyse agency data of merchants to generate strategic recommendations to grow bank product dealer and merchant transactions in the future. With Merchant Analytics, bank able to have an early detection system towards fraud by their current agents and merchants.