Singtel and Amobee Doing Digital Advertising 

Along with the growth of the mobile advertising market and the global marketing industry, Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) acquired Amobee, mobile advertising platform, for US $ 321 million to increase digital business and revenue through customer’s location data. 
By combining Amobee’s technology and SingTel internal data, SingTel able to create mobile advertising campaign for their users (brand owners and advetising agencies). Mobile advertising platform that is powered by user location big data is able to provide company with a more comprehensive mobile advertising ecosystem and enable business to achive more compatible and efficient solution.  
Utilizing Amobee capability, high quality mobile advertising inventory can be provided for world brands and advertisers to reach their target market effectively and keep up with the fast growing Asia Pasific  market. SingTel is capable of facilitating user with accurate target market, time of advertising, location to advertise as well as what to advertise for the users. In addition, SingTel technology also offers benefits as follows, 1. Increase sales through personalize offerings based on mobile customer location data. 2. Create loyalty through mobile solutions – advertisement provided are relevant and non-intrusif personal ads which suitable with customer’s location and interests. 3. Create shopping behavior through application. 
Previous collaboration between Amobee and Ebay brought a positive impact in interactive interfaces and easy transaction process by utilizing shopping history, time, place and demographic data. This time, collaboration between SingTel and Amobee enable brand ro advertisers to their potential customers within their area of business by utilizing customer’s location data.  Thus, an effective direct offer can be made.  
SingTel solutions with Amobee works with KPIs likes Conversion, Time in Ad, Engagement and total Download with an increase rate of each KPI is ranging from 50% -120%. In expanding its services in tracking through social networks, SingTel has acquired two companies, AdConion and Kontera, this improves their ability in social networking technology and create higher precision in targeted marketing solutions for their clients. 
SingTel is creating their global company in digital advertising by acquiring mobile advertising platform, like Amobee, to utilize the uses of customer location big data. Allowing users to send personal ads based on customer’s interest and location. This technology has increased sales by 50% -120%. 


Komang Budi Aryasa 
Currently Big Data Project Director with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. He successfully established Telkom Multimedia in Batam, was one of the initiators of web portal, initiated Telkom’s venture into digital music (resulting in the Melon join venture), successfully setup an end-to-end system of over the top TV of TELKOM Group (now called USeeTV) and setting up development services in Telcomcel Timor Leste.

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