Big Data for Transportation

(Collaboration between IBM and Orange)

IBM determine user’s location based on their mobile data use. The pilot project is held in Pantai Gading where 2.5 billion mobile’s data from more than 5 million Orange users is analyzed to learn the transportation behavior and to reduce the unofficial public transportations around. The objective of this project is to efficient the use of public transportation service, manage traffic and to cut travelling time.  
By utilizing data from Orange users, IBM ables to track down population movement and use it as comparision to the public transportation data that already exist. From this benchmarking studies, the less efficient route and the most crowded area can be determined to adjust the mass transportation route to the more time and money effiecient route.  
In Abidjan city (Pantai Gading) case, IBM made 65 changes on bus routes with 1 extension route and 2 additional routes that successfully saved travelling by more than 10% per trip. 
With IBM as a data processor and Orange as a data provider, location data from mobile users is processed to improve efficiency of the urban mass public transportation system. The target of this big data analysis is help City Governor to implement effective transportation regulation y providing smart insights.  
The high usage of mobile phone in urban areas able to provide insights on user travelling habits. From there, effective and efficient routes can be determined.   
Komang Budi Aryasa 
Currently Big Data Project Director with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. He successfully established Telkom Multimedia in Batam, was one of the initiators of web portal, initiated Telkom’s venture into digital music (resulting in the Melon join venture), successfully setup an end-to-end system of over the top TV of TELKOM Group (now called USeeTV) and setting up development services in Telcomcel Timor Leste.

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