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What is Behavior Scoring?


Behavior Scoring is a method of utilizing big data in knowing the eligibility of the current customer to be given additional facilities by the company. Behavior Scoring is also used to know the service utilization pattern by the customer.





  1. Re-calibrates the score and risk grade obtained from the scoring application or the previous behavior scoring by taking into customer's arrears history (delinquency history).
  2. Improve marketing strategy through potential customer data
  3. Serve as an early warning system for customers to maintain the performance of the service





This is some information that can be provided by Behavior Scoring :


Provide company with feasibility score of the customer to increase outstanding credit

Provide company with eligibility score of the customer's credit card so that it can offer overdraft facility

Provide company with right time to bill the customers

Provide company with information of which customers have high potential in making payments on time in every bill


Use Case


With Behavior Scoring, companies can effectively assess customer’s viability in terms of facility delivery and able measure customer performance to improve the structure of loan portfolio and customer management.





Our Banking Customer

Bank uses Behavior Scoring data analytic as their dashboard and Behavior Scoring API utilization to determine and predict customers ability to make payment. Therefore, bank have advance knowledge on the risks of credit / loans that they will offered in the future.