About Us

Outsmarting Business Through Smart Insight

About Xsight

In this dynamic ever-changing world, technology has transformed decision making process to be data driven - a smart business insight for smart business decision

xsight as a digital self-service portal offers access to xsight Big Data Analytic and APIs Services to help businesses outsmarting challenges with smart insight. With a trustworthy and up-to-date analytics and API access from xsight Group, xsight is confident to deliver the best for client's side

Backed by xsight Group's network, reach and data security, the potentials in xsight is limitless

Why Xsight ?

Over the past 50 years, xsight has been growing alongside with our clients with the spirit to provide excellent services for our clients. With years of experience, xsight is powered by trustworthy data that capable to understand the Indonesian market like no other.

As the leader in Telco Industry in Indonesia and high expertise in technology, make xsight the most realible business partner for your smart insight.


xsight helps business owner to accelerate speed to market with high efficiency by providing smart insight through big data analytic. Unlocking more business potentials.

xsight also provides playground for developers and start-ups in order to maximize technology innovation with ready-to-use APIs.