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What is 360° Customer Profiling?


360° Customer Profiling is a method to get better understanding on your target market and able to give suggestion through smart insight for effective marketing strategy.




  1. Better understanding of the existing customer preference so that the company can offer additional product to gain more revenue.
  2. Understanding the behaviour of prospecting customer for company to implement effective strategies and actions accordingly.
  3. Able to offer unique and different products from competitors through cross sellling and upselling scheme.





This is some information that can be provided by 360° Customer Profiling :

Provide company with list of existing customers (individual or corporate customers) by sorting who contribute more profits to the company.

Build simulations on which service will bring more revenue for the company from the customer.

Provide information of the types of customers based on their transaction behaviours.

Support the companies to do the cross sellling and upselling.


Use Case


360° Customer Profiling is the best strategy in finding new potential customers, improve customer retention program and also identifying low-value customers to minimize costs.




Our Banking Customer

Our Banking Customer uses 360° Customer profiling to obtain studies in the benefits that will be gained by bank from their customers. Bank able to provide effective service enhancement offering to the customers and get information on their current customers type and behavior.