• What is xsight?
    • xsight is a digital touch point that enables you to explore, access and use xsight data analytics and APIs to gain business advantage.

    Who is xsight for?
    • xsight is for Enterprise, SME and Developer that needs Data analytics services and APIs .

    How to start using xsight ?
    • First, you need to register yourself through xsight portal.

    How do I register to xsight ?
    • Detail instruction on xsight registration can be found in tutorial page .

  • What should i do if i received "Registration Failed" several times?
    • The constant registration failure may caused by high traffic when you're accessing the portal. Try to access again in few hours and see if the problem persistent .

    I forgot my password. What should I do?
    • Fill in the "Forgot Password" form in Log In page to reset your password. Instructions will be sent to your registered and verified email account.

    Can I have multiple accounts for xsight ?
    • Multi accounts is possible but the data should be valid and credible.

  • How can I get information API?
    • API can be used by logging in first and selecting APIs menu.

    How can i consume API xsight ?
    • Users can get a list of xsight APIs on the APIs menu, then select the API to use and read the API usage documentation.

    What API categories exist on xsight ?
    • xsight APIs consists of categories of messaging, communication, payment, analytics, tracking, etc.

    Are there any fees for using the xsight API?
    • xsight API service is paid and free. To pay according to the selected API package.

    How to get xsight API access token?
    • Users can get access tokens at subscribe API. Access tokens are used to be able to consume APIs in user applications.

    How do I use the xsight API on my App?
    • The API usage guidelines can be found in the API documentation found on the API details page.

    What if there is any constraint in using xsight API?
    • Users can contact xsight support via contact Us.

    If I have 2 or more apps using the same API, do I need to access a different token?
    • Yes, each application must have different credentials, so users must request access token for each application.

    Are there trials and samples on each API?
    • Trial and sample APIs can be performed on the sandbox found on the xsight menu.

    Is there a menu that provides API information already using by user?
    • There, the user can see in the profile menu | my subscribe, on the page raised the list of APIs already in the consume by the user (Subscribe).

  • What analytic services does xsight have?
    • Currently analytics use case owned by xsight is web analytics, social media, media ratings and credit scoring. Analytical use case will continue to grow as needed.

    What to do if interested in xsight analytics services?
    • Users can subscribe to the necessary analytic use case or click contact us if you want to know more about the analytics use case.

    What packages are there for xsight analytics solutions?
    • The xsight analytics package can be API, dashboard, reporting and premium.

    Is there a trial on analytics services?
    • Users who have subscribe analytics will be given a trial period depending on each use case.

  • What payment methods are used on xsight ?
    • API and Analytic payments by using transfers ATM and credit cards.